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Awesome ScreenShot in Google Chrome

Is it possible to get excellent screenshots of a webpage using Chrome, annotate them, and then share them?  Here's how to use the Awesome Screenshot addon to accomplish that. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to capture a screenshot of a webpage, regardless of whether you're an aspiring tech journalist or you're just trying to teach your mum how to send an email.  If you take a screenshot, it will always appear flawless.  While there are various methods for taking screenshots, in this article we will focus on a fantastic method for taking screenshots of webpages within the Chrome browser and annotating them.

As usual, install the Awesome Screenshot extension from the Google Chrome Extensions library by clicking the link below. Your toolbar will now have a new lens icon.  After you click it, you can select whether to capture the entire page or just the viewable portion of it. If you select Visible Part, Chrome will only record what you can see at that precise moment.  On the other hand, if you choose to capture the entire page, a capturing notification will appear while the page automatically scrolls down. This is a closer look at the toolbar.  You can alter your screenshot by cropping it, adding text, or adding different shapes. The crop tool comes in quite handy.  When you drag and choose the region you wish to crop, the pixel dimensions of the selection will be displayed automatically.  Click Crop to resize the screenshot to that size after dragging the corners to make the region larger or smaller. IMAGE. The Blur tool comes in quite handy.  By selecting it, you will receive a blur brush that you can use to conceal private information from view on webpages.  In this case, we've utilised it to conceal our Gmail address; this would be useful if we were creating a Gmail tutorial.

How To used?

1- Keeping and Distributing Your Photos

2- Click Done once you've done all the necessary modifications to the image.

3- All screenshots are currently saved in JPG format, however PNG support will be added later by the developers.

4- Alternatively, select Share to upload your screenshot to an online photo storage service if you would like to share it with others.

5- Once uploaded, a single click can be used to share the photo across numerous platforms.  Because the image URL is very lengthy, you might want to copy the address and shorten it using if you're sharing it on Twitter.  Simply click the address box at the bottom to copy it to your clipboard automatically.

Open Google Chrome and install the Awesome Screenshot extension.

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