Email Marketing - SendBox -LifeTime Deal

Email Marketing - SendBox -LifeTime Deal

by Sendfox
(0 Reviews) September 23, 2023
Email Marketing - SendBox -LifeTime Deal

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September 23, 2023
Email Marketing
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Lifetime Deal
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Email Marketing Auto - Life Time Deal

You won't need to write anything because our email generator will automatically gather content from your blog, podcast, and social media profiles.

With only one click, you can automatically generate compelling emails by importing material from various sources!

With the help of SendFox, you may send automatic email sequences and stay in touch with your audience at the appropriate moment.

You may start with templates or create automated drip campaigns from scratch for everything from welcome flows to onboarding.

Even more sophisticated sequences can be configured to send emails only in response to certain actions taken by recipients, such as completing an online form.

Configure emails that are time- or behavior-triggered to keep in touch with your list.

Start building your own email list online! Create your own personalised landing pages with Smart Pages, adding your own logo, colours, and other elements.

Subsequently, you can generate opt-in forms and incorporate them into your website to consistently draw in fresh leads.

The best part is that these strong features give reCAPTCHA security to filter out unreliable subscribers and are GDPR compliant.

Create personalised landing pages and opt-in forms by utilising pre-made templates found in the Smart Pages database.

Integrate with well-known programmes like WordPress, Zapier, and Integrately, or make your own integrations using the built-in API access.

 Encourage your subscribers to recommend your brand to their friends!

In your email footers, you can advertise a referral programme and provide prizes to subscribers who kindly suggest others to you.

Promoting your own subscriber referral programme in each email is made simple with SendFox!

When you're having trouble sending a follow-up email to a segmented list, email marketing seems unattainable.

Fortunately, SendFox allows you to automate email campaigns, including landing pages and opt-in forms, so you won't have to blow your cash trying to increase your subscriber list.

Boost your email marketing efforts.

Obtain SendFox lifetime access right now!

Plans & Highlights

Terms and conditions of deal

Access to SendFox for life

Future improvements to the Lifetime Plan

An AppSumo Original developed by the AppSumo team as an easy-to-use, reasonably priced fix

No codes, no stacking—simply select the plan that best suits your needs.

After purchasing, you have sixty days to activate your licence.

The option to move up or down via the five licence tiers

GDPR accordant

    Use Empire Add-On to get rid of branding and have access to other features for $10 a month.


Money-back guarantee for 60 days. Make sure it works for you by giving it a try for two months!

Features that are part of every plan

Send emails indefinitely

email campaigns that are scheduled for any time of day

Unlimited triggered automations (each automation capable of holding an unlimited number of emails)

Particular landing pages

personalised forms (including GDPR)

Using lists and tagging to maintain contact segmentation

With a WYSIWYG email editor, creating emails is simple.

Advanced analytics to monitor clicks, openings, and other metrics

CRM features to record notes about every subscriber

Integrations: POST HTML code, API, KingSumo, Zapier, and

RSS feed auto-pull: automatically generate draught emails from an RSS feed

From a single account, manage unlimited brands

Capability to translate

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