KDSpy Review | Amazon KDP to Make Money online 2023

KDSpy Review | Amazon KDP to Make Money online 2023

by KD Spy
(0 Reviews) September 29, 2023
KDSpy Review | Amazon KDP to Make Money online 2023 KDSpy Review | Amazon KDP to Make Money online 2023

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September 29, 2023
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How To Sell Book on Amazon?

KDSPY Review 2023 : Amazon KDP Spy

This KDSPY review aims to enable authors to determine the usefulness of this keyword research service and whether self-publishing their books through it will increase their earnings. The response? The majority of writers will find KD SPY to be perfectly adequate, and it's also somewhat less expensive than the top option. Nevertheless, Publisher Rocket—which is still my top pick for most authors when it comes to keyword and category research—is far more feature-rich and attractive than this program. But KDSPY is still a fantastic program, so allow me to show you what it looks like from the ground up. Well, based on my official KDSPY review, I do believe that KDSPY is a fairly fine piece of software. Just a little bit more money, though, gets you some superior possibilities. But KDSPY will assist you if you're a writer—especially a nonfiction writer.

category data
In general, the platform offers a multitude of significant functionalities, including strong keyword potential, a word cloud for observing what other people are using in their titles, author page analysis, global statistics, and a rival performance analysis.
All of these features are excellent, and some of them are not available in other options, but is the cost justified? Next, let's look at that.

What is the price of KDSPY?

Normally $97, KDSPY is often available for $59 LifeTime . Although this might seem expensive for a straightforward browser plug-in, it is actually reasonably priced when compared to other programs of a similar caliber. All things considered, I think this is a fair price for what you get.
KDSPY's lifetime price means you won't need to purchase it again and you'll receive all future upgrades for free, which is another fantastic bonus.
Since its original conception, there have been hundreds of upgrades, which is quite a number.

Exists a free download for KDSPY?

No, KDSPY cannot be downloaded for free. Given that there is no way to test the plug-in out for free, this is one of its less desirable features. There is, however, 60 day refund policy that you might find useful. Therefore, you can return KDSPY for a complete refund if you purchase it and it doesn't live up to your expectations.

LifeTime Deal: KDSPY is usually on sale for $69, down from its regular price of $97, so there are still some solid opportunities to save there. I did some research but couldn't discover any exclusive coupons for it.

What is KDSPY and how is it applied?

A browser plugin called KDSPY is designed to give you more information about your competitors while self-publishing on Amazon Kindle stores through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It can be useful to know what is selling and which categories have strong demand but little competition when you are planning a book. It also aids in choosing appropriate keywords for your book.

While there are several tools that can accomplish this, KDSPY is the only one that I am aware of that is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers. This implies that while on Amazon, you can actively scan data with it.

KDSPY is compatible with the majority of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks, because it is an extension.

Key characteristics of KDSPY include:

 research on keywords
 Analysis of the competition
 A fog of words
worldwide data

Let's go over each of these individually:

1. Research on Keywords

Keyword Analysis Tool for KDSPY
Establishing a solid foundation for your keyword analysis is essential to a book publishing company. This is true for all genres, but it's especially helpful when looking for quality nonfiction subjects to write about in advance. When KDSPY suggests keywords, it means there isn't much competition and there is still a desire among readers to purchase those books.
Entering your keyword will show you the competition and an analysis of what you should do to become a bestseller there.

2. Analysis of Competition

kdp author outcomes
If you're curious about how much authors are probably making on Amazon, you may check their performance and whether their niche is successful by using KDSPY's competitiveness analysis. The Author Page Analysis option can be used for this, since it allows you to view the number of books published, the average sales rank, and the expected monthly sales.
A wonderful little feature is that you may also track this performance over time.

3. The Cloud of Words

word cloud feature of kdspy

The word cloud function is one of the cool features that you won't get with other programs. This tool extracts the most frequently occurring terms in the best-selling books within a specific book category by analyzing the titles and subtitles for that category or keyword. To help you write your own book title and subtitle, this is incredibly helpful for nonfiction. However, it is practically useless for fiction, just so you know. Fiction employs terms for particular genres in a far less trustworthy manner.

4- global data

foreign countries for kdspy
The number of functional foreign websites offered by KDSPY is among its top features. Because it operates on an enormous range of marketplaces, including those in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, India, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, KDSPY has a distinct advantage in this market segment. In summary, KDSPY is a useful tool if you want to know your expected sales if you use any of these Amazon marketplaces, which you probably do.

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