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Summary Based on 1,847 reviews, CJ Dropshipping has received a rating of 4.89 stars, meaning that most consumers are generally happy with their purchases. Customer care, personal agents, and prompt response are the most often mentioned features by happy clients of CJ Drop shipping. The third-place website for Ecommerce Tools is CJ Drop shipping.

CJ Dropshipping Review

For sourcing products, CJdropshipping offers a comprehensive dropshipping solution. It offers an extensive selection of products at wholesale costs and links dropshippers and suppliers. We source and ship for you while you sell, as the CJdropshipping crew puts it! After its founding in 2015, the business rose to prominence as a top dropshipping marketplace. Their complete solution for launching and operating a profitable dropshipping business is the key to their success. Everything you need to begin sourcing products is included in the platform, including order administration, shipping, and an integrated marketplace.

CJ drop shipping offers more than 900,000 products in its database, divided into hundreds of categories. One of the widest product selections we've seen from a drop shipping provider is available on CJ dropshipping.

The product listing feature of CJDropshipping:

There will always be new products for your store to sell because the company introduces new ones on a daily basis. The product categories that CJ dropshipping currently offers are as follows:

Office & Computer
Purses & Shoes
Jewels and Timepieces
Beauty, and Health
Ladies' Clothes
Athletics & Nature
Furniture, Homes
Vehicles & Motorbikes
Kids, Toys
Handsets & Add-ons

There are numerous subcategories with products under each category.

The CJDropshipping product catalog's subcategories

On CJ Drop Shipping, you may be confident that you will find the ideal product for your store. You can always make a sourcing request if not.
Finding products that don't exist Source: CJ Dropshipping offers non-existing products for sale. You have the option to source any product that is not available in the current CJ dropshipping selection for your store. The CJ dropshipping team will assist you in sourcing the product if you post a sourcing request on the "My CJ" tab. In essence, they will locate the product for you by contacting the vendors on your behalf. They will respond to your sourcing request within 48 hours of it being posted.

An agent for personal customer service

This is one of CJdropshipping's most noteworthy attributes and one of the main reasons dropshippers adore it.
A personal customer care representative is assigned to you when you register and begin using CJdropshipping, and they are available to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may encounter.

Agent for customer service at CJDropshipping They can be contacted by email, live chat, or WhatsApp, and they are open around-the-clock. If you're just getting started with them, you could have queries about their service. Here's when help from your own customer agent can be helpful.

They can assist you in resolving any problem you may be having and are quick to answer your concerns. Integrations with CJdropshipping BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Shopify, and all the other major e-commerce platforms are integrated with CJdropshipping.

Integrations of CJDropshipping platforms

It only takes a few clicks to import products straight from CJ dropshipping to your dropshipping store thanks to the integration. high-quality assurance, CJdropshipping has a quality control check done on products before they are shipped to customers.

Mobile app

You can easily manage your store while on the road using CJdropshipping's mobile app. Mobile CJDropshipping app Everything you need to manage your store, such as adding products, handling orders, and keeping track of shipments, can be done with the app.
The app can be downloaded for free and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

All of CJDropshipping warehouses

There are warehouses operated by CJ dropshipping in thirty countries, including the US. Regardless of where they are situated, your customers will receive their products sooner as a result. Additionally, you can expedite shipping by sending items from the closest warehouse if you're dropshipping to several nations. When it comes to using local warehouses, CJdropshipping offers a minimum order quantity of ten pieces for variants and 100 pieces for products. However, please note that your product may not yet be held in that warehouse.

Extra services

CJdropshipping is more than merely locating and shipping products. To assist you in managing your business successfully, the organization also offers a variety of services. Among these services are:

1- personalized picture/video processing. The crew will assist you in taking pictures and films of the products if you post a photographic request on the "My CJ" tab.

2- Using CJDropshipping's ready-to-use product pictures feature

3-Tailored packaging solutions. To mail out your products, you can create your own packaging. Making your products stand out from the competition is a wonderful method to do this.

4- CJDropshipping's unique packaging

5- Print-on-demand capabilities. You can print your designs on products and mail them to your customers using CJdropshipping. Check out our introduction to print on demand if you're unfamiliar.

6- CJDropshipping's print-on-demand service

7- Order fulfillment and administration

8- CJdropshipping handles all order fulfillment and administration on your behalf. The products can then be added to your store and you can begin to sell.

9- Better further, all order handling is automated.

10- One feature of CJDropshipping is order fulfillment.

11- Make sure CJdropshipping receives your funds on schedule so they can process your order and mail it out.

12- For each order, CJdropshipping provides you with a tracking number so you can monitor the status and make sure your customers receive their products on schedule.

13- Delivery and processing durations

14- You can choose from a variety of shipping companies at CJdropshipping. The shipping companies vary in terms of price, quality, and speed.

15- CJdropshipping uses CJPacket, a shipping option akin to AliExpress's AliExpress Standard Shipping.

16- Order processing typically takes one to two days, and shipping times might range from one to four weeks, depending on the shipping option you select. The time it takes to process and send the order will increase if the product is out of stock.

17- Check out the CJ dropshipping shipping calculator to become acquainted with the benefits of various shipping options.

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